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Lucid EVs are Very Hot

  CA-Based Startup is Hitting Stride                                                  Source:  Lucid e-Sedans New Buyer for 100,000 EVs & New Production Facility Luxury electric sedan maker Lucid Motors of California does not have the branded household name that Tesla does.  But technologically in some ways Lucid Air sedans out-class and out-perform Tesla models and other EVs, according to automotive experts. Very recently, Lucid Motors has made several moves on the chessboard against its archrival Tesla.  The California-based startup has just secured an order for 100,000 Lucid EVs from the government of Saudi Arabia over the next ten years.  The price for the Lucid Air starts at $77,400 with some models kicking in at $95,000, $139,000 and $179,000.  The final price-tag of this deal has not been disclosed yet, but it is going to be a huge payday for the California startup.  The Lucid Air is the #1 luxury electric vehicle of 2022, according to  Lucid is also expanding prod