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CA Based EV Canoo's New EVs

 Lifestyle Vehicle -  Affordably Priced For an EV                                                                           Source:  Canoo Lifestyle Van Coming to Market 2022 Los Angeles based EV startup Canoo is rolling out in 2022 its much anticipated electric Lifestyle Vehicle at prices starting at a moderately priced $34,750 for an EV and accelerating to $49,950 for its top performing EV models.  The company is accepting $100 deposits for the EV, which goes into production and for deliveries in 2022. Canoo is also accepting $100 deposits on its electric pickup truck and electric delivery van, although production on those vehicles won't get underway until 2023. Lifestyle Range of 250 Miles The Lifestyle Vehicle runs on a 80 kWh battery pack that can produce 300 hp and 332 pound-feet of torque.  It's capable of 250 miles on a charge.  The vehicle charges up to 80% within a half hour. Top speeds on the Lifestyle are 125 mph.  The cabin is spacious like an SUV and is accentuate