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Israel's AMOS-17 in Orbit

Spacecom Satellite Providing Vital Communications Services to Africa Source:  Spacecom AMOS-17 I srael’s AMOS-17 satellite, manufactured by Boeing, blasted into space aboard a SpaceX rocket in late October 2019.   The communications satellite is now successfully deployed and fully operational, providing advanced communications services to Africa.   AMOS-17 has provided Israel and satellite designer and operator Spacecom a triumphant return to Space, three years after a launchpad explosion destroyed another one of its satellites AMOS-6. Communications Services for Africa The demand for the communications services AMOS-17 is providing to Africa is huge.   The continent suffers from a lack of internet access infrastructure with some parts of Africa underserved or completely unconnected to any communications infrastructure.   Meanwhile demand for access is growing.   More than half of the African population is under 18 years old.   And the number