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Climate Change's Shocking Coral Reef Damage

 14 % of Coral Reefs Destroyed Globally By   Climate Change's                                                                             Source:  Coral Reef Images World's Largest Coral Health Study A shocking milestone has been set in the unrelenting damage caused by Climate Change.  A UN supported global network has found that 14% of the world's coral reefs have been totally destroyed by the warming of the oceans. The study adds that a continuation of the warming will extend and accelerate the destruction.  The group that carried out what is being called "the world's biggest report on the health of coral" is GCRMN or the Global Coral Reefs Monitoring Network. They say the bleaching of the reefs by the warm ocean waters is unprecedented and largely irreversible.  In less than a decade, 11,700 kilometers of coral have been wiped out.  That is 2.5 times the size of the Grand Canyon National Park.  It is an environmental disaster. Marine Ecosystem Coral reefs a