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Ancient Shipwreck Found off Portugal

16th Century Ship Called Biggest Marine Archeological Find of the Century Marine Archeologist at the Shipwreck Ancient Buried Treasure Found by Divers with 21st Tech Maritime archeologists found the shipwreck off the Portuguese city of Cascais near Lisbon.  They believe it sunk between 1525 and 1625. Treasures Aboard They found Chinese ceramics from the Ming Dynasty, spices including pepper and cowpies which are a type of shell that was used as currency in the slave trade.  They also found the ship's bronze cannons engraved with the Portuguese coat of arms.  The scientists believe the ship was returning to Lisbon from India. Dives and Discovery Continue The ship was discovered as part of an underwater investigative project by the Portuguese government and Navy, the city of Cascais and Nova University of Lisbon.  The ship was under 40 feet of water.  Divers continue to explore and document the shipwreck and researchers are trying to identify the name of the ship.