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Hyundai Recreates 1974 Classic Pony

  New Giugiaro Hyundai Pony Coup                                                       Source:  Hyundai Iconic 1974 Design Comes Back to Life Legendary automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro is recreating and resurrecting his 1974 iconic Hyundai Pony Coup concept design for Hyundai and for the world of drivers who love retro to see in real-time perfection.  His original design had tremendous consequences.  It inspired the DeLorean DMC 12 and many of Hyundai's most successful models.  South Korean based Hyundai's executive leadership has so much respect for the distinguished, 84-year-old Italian automotive designer that they asked him to recreate his original concept for Hyundai once again.  He is doing it and it is causing a major buzz of excitement in the global automotive world.  The New Pony - What Is It? The new Pony is a true and authentic re-creation of the original 1974 Pony.  It has a combustion engine and is being created with only the available tools that were used in