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McLaren's 1st SUV Likely This Decade

  SUV That's like a Hypercar                                                                           Super:  McLaren Car Concepts High Performance Driving British supercar manufacturer McLaren is famous for its performance sports cars.  The cars are always gorgeous, "lightweight and performance" vehicles.  Until now, McLaren has not joined the global SUV craze because they don't want to dilute their sports car brand and deviate in any way from their historic DNA.  With a new CEO, McLaren may be ready to change. New CEO Who Loves SUVs German born, PhD in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Michael Leiters is McLaren's new CEO.  He has a distinguished automotive career.  He's the former chief Technology Officer of Ferrari and is the person who developed the new SUV for Ferrari, the Purosangue.  He also created the highly popular Cayenne SUV for Porsche.  He obviously loves SUVs, their sales and ongoing market growth potential.  He is more than open to devel

Ferrari's 1st SUV May Be World's Fastest

  Purosangue SUV With V12 Engine Source:  Ferrari A Pure Thoroughbred That Could Shake Up the Global SUV Market Italian sports car maker Ferrari just announced that its new Purosangue SUV will be powered by a high performance 6.5-liter V12 engine.  This vehicle is designed to be the fastest SUV on the road today.  Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna made the V12 decision promising that Ferrari's first SUV will provide outstanding performance and driving.  The naturally aspirated V12 is Ferrari's most powerful engine and represents a departure from Ferrari's recent strategy of using less polluting V6 and V8 hybrid engines. However, automotive experts expect that the Purosangue will be the top candidate for a Ferrari fully electric powertrain.  They also believe Ferrari will eventually offer it as V6 and V8 hybrid models. Ferrari Is Ringing Up Sales Despite the global pandemic, demand for Ferrari sports cars has remained strong with a 12% increase in core earnings for Ferrari in Q1 2