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Rivian R1T E-Pickup Beats Competitors on Delivery

  US Startup 1st to Produce E-Pickups for Customers - Beats Tesla, GM, Ford and more                                        Source:  Rivian R1T Tough Pickup That Wades Through Water & Climbs Hills of Sand EV startup Rivian is the first automaker to produce, launch and market an electric pickup truck.  The US electric truck maker beat out the world's #1 electric vehicle maker Tesla, along with GM, Ford and others.  The company's first R1T pickup truck for a customer drove off the assembly line at the Rivian plant in Normal, Illinois.  More are rolling off the production line and the company says they are saleable to customers.  In fact, they are "ready for sale in all 50 states".  The R1T has a range of 317 miles on a charge and prices start at $67,500.  As you can see in the photos, the e-pickup is so tough it can climb hills of sand and wade through water as high as the top of the tires.  With a deposit of $1,000, the truck can be reserved for purchase. Fully Cer