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New Concept Car Getting Raves at NYC Auto Show

Genesis Concept Car: Luxurious, Small, Electric Source:  Genesis The Genesis Mint Korean luxury automaker Genesis unveiled its newest concept car at the New York International Auto Show that opened today.  It's called the Genesis Mint.  It's a 2 door electric car, that's getting rave reviews from attendees and the press.  It's a small, luxurious, 2-seater that is battery electric powered.  It's designed for city driving. Sporty and Futuristic The Mint is the size of a Fiat with a range of 200 miles and has a quick recharge.  It's futuristic looking, sporty with a minimalist interior.  The driver and passenger share a leather bench between the two front seats.  No word on price or plans for production.  But in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Genesis was spun off from Hyundai three years ago.  It currently has three luxury sedans available for sale in the US that are targeted at customers interested in Mercedes, BMW and Audi.