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UK's Pill of Youth & Longevity Potential

  Breakthrough Medications Under Development to Stop Aging                                                                                Source:  Stock Images The Fountain of Youth Humanity has been searching for the "Fountain of Youth" to extend life since the beginning of time.  Now, a British computational biologist Dr. Andrew Steele says that drugs that could extend life expectancy to 200 years are under development.  In fact, a pill that directly targets and stops the aging process has been tested successfully in mice.  It made them much healthier, warded off disease and extended their lifespan by 35%.  That pill is now being tested in human clinical trials to see if reversing the aging process can be replicated in humans. How It Works The pills work by eliminating cells that trigger aging. They're called zombie cells or senescent cells that stop dividing.  They, then, build up in the body and shoot out substances that accelerate the ageing process and lead to physi