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Olympic 2020 Games Must Go On

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Update Source:  Tokyo 2020 Olympics Emergency Meeting The International Olympic Committee just announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will not be cancelled.  The IOC just concluded an emergency meeting on Sunday.  This as global coronavirus cases have catapulted past 300,000 and the death toll in Italy alone jumped 800 in the past day. While there will be no cancellation, the IOC is stepping up their "scenario planning" for the Games and a postponement is officially on the table. Delaying the Games The Games are set to start July 24, 2020. The IOC will hold detailed discussions to possibly push back the kick-off date. They added cancellation wouldn't help anyone or solve any problems. So cancellation is not on their agenda. Mounting Pressure on the IOC Growing numbers of global athletes, teams and federations are calling for a delay in the Olympics as the pandemic spreads in virtually every corner of the world.  The IOC is facing mounting

2020 Olympics Spectacular Tech

Toyota Showcasing Autonomous Technology & Much More Source:  Toyota Miraitowa and Someity - The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Mascots Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Athletes and Latest Technology For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a big crowd pleaser will be the technology deployed.  The official game mascots are two adorable robots - Miraitowa and Someity, just unveiled at Toyota headquarters in Japan  The humanoid "meeters and greeters" are programmed to show facial expressions as they greet athletes and fans . New Automated Helpers Toyota and Panasonic are teaming up to develop automated helpers for the games.  Besides the official mascots, there will be field support robots to help officials at throwing events by retrieving javelins and hammers from competitions.  Robots with cameras will broadcast live action and give fans a sense of virtual reality emersion in the Games. Fans will be able to interact with the athletes remotely with a new telepresence technology.  And, Toyota wil