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Ford's Ultimate Supercar GT LM

  Ford's GT LM Limited Edition Supercar                                                  Source:  Ford Car Pays Tribute to Ford's 2016 Le Mans Win Production will end on Ford's supercar, the Ford GT, at the end of 2022, but Ford has one last, exclusive, special edition to send it off.  The Ford GT LM limited edition was just unveiled, and it is designed to celebrate the 2016 Le Mans win by the Ford GT Number 68 as well as the historic, Ford racing car's 1-2-3 finish in 1966.  The Ford GT LM even celebrates the racing car's colors of red and blue with a red tinted carbon fiber exterior and a blue or red driver's seat.  For Ford, the GT LM is the supercar of all supercars. Supercar Technologies This limited-edition supercar contains a lot of 3D printed titanium. Most of the body is painted in Liquid Silver.  It is equipped with a unique, 3D printed titanium exhaust system and a titanium badge above the tailpipes.  One of the coolest features is a 3-D printed instr