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World's Fastest Car - Tesla's New Roadster?

  All-Electric, Super-Fast, Very Stylish                                                  Source:  Tesla Tesla's Big Money-Making Sports Car 2023 is set to be a blockbuster year for Tesla.  Three hotly anticipated new models will go into production, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  The models include the Cybertruck, the Tesla Semi and the Roadster sports car.  The new Roadster, which Tesla says is the world's fastest car, is a big money-maker for Tesla, even though it hasn't even gone into production yet.  The limited-edition Founder's Series Roadster is already sold out at $250,000 each.  1000 of the EVs have been bought, sight unseen, generating $250 million for Tesla.  These EVs won't be produced and delivered until next year.  Tesla is now taking $50,000 deposits to order the standard Roadster, priced at $200,000 for delivery in 2023.  The Roadster is an unusually hot and lucrative car. The Roadster's Alluring Appeal The appeal is the EV's unprecedente