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Flying Car 2024 Delivery

  From China's Xpeng, a Flying & Driving Car                                             Source:  Xpeng Flying Cars For Purchase by Customers in 2024 A flying car startup backed by Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng says it will deliver flying cars to customers in 2024.  Startup Xpeng Heitech says the car will be capable of driving on the road and flying in the skies.  The range of the EV on the road will be 370 miles on a single charge.  Xpeng CEO Zhao Deli made the announcement to the World New Energy Vehicle Congress.  The flying car startup currently has 400 employees.  But CEO Deli intends to nearly double the number of employees in order to start production of the flying cars for customers.  Xpeng is a major competitor of Tesla in the Chinese electric vehicle marketplace.  Deli did not disclose the range of the vehicle while flying. Xpeng Heitech is developing a number of flying cars including the Voyager X2, which has successfully flown over China roads, the Voyager X1