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Nissan's 4 New Electric Concept Vehicles

 Nissan's   Big Electrification Push by 2030                                          Source:  Nissan New Concepts 4 New Electric Concept Cars Unveiled  Nissan is greatly accelerating its electrification program by 2030 with the launch of 23 new hybrid and electric models, including 15 fully electric vehicles.  As part of the electrification program, Nissan just unveiled 4 new, electric concept cars that are industry standouts.  They're called Chill-Out, Max-Out, Hang-Out and Surf-Out.  These concepts are decidedly different from current vehicles.  They are lifestyle vehicles, specifically designed to cater to the preferences and interests of specific customer and demographic groups. Breaking Conventional Automotive Modes The Hang-Out is a rugged crossover, specifically aimed at the needs and adventures of young families.  The Surf-Out is an electric pickup with a removable canopy for lifestyle enjoyment, like going surfing at the beach.  The Chill-Out is a very classy coupe cr