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What Would a Lexus Look Like in 2040?

  New Partnership Between Lexus & The Royal College of Art                                                                                           Source:  Lexus Stunning New Lexus Designs Lexus has formed a new partnership with the prestigious Royal College of Art.  Lexus has asked graduate students in design to envision and design luxury Lexus for the year 2040.  The designs address a future world of mobility, new lifestyles, sustainability and how new technologies might impact the Lexus brand. The grad students were also tasked with creating new ways to meet future travel challenges in Europe.  The results are spectacular and highly innovative new Lexus vehicle concepts.  Lexus has recently selected six finalists in their design competition.  Here's a look at several particularly fascinating ones. The Alto                                                                      Source:  Lexus - The Alto The Alto by grad student Richard Newman is a VTOL or vertical takeoff and

BMW's Unique E-Car Is Recyclable

  Electric Car is Built with Recycled Materials                                                     Source:  BMW i Vision Circular E-Car is Recycled When Its Use Is Over BMW is making a strong commitment to fully electric, sustainable auto-making.  It is promising that within 20 years, all of its vehicles will be made of recycled materials and at the end of their use, the vehicles will be recycled to create new vehicles.  To underscore the point,  BMW has unveiled a unique, 100% environmentally friendly electric car, called the i Vision Circular Concept.  BMW says the EV is "circular" to save the planet.  By 'circular" BMW is referring to the fact that the electric vehicle is built with totally recycled materials and when its use is over, it can be recycled to create a new car.  The Vision is a 4-seat hatchback concept that BMW says "looks ahead to a compact, all-electric car for 2040 that is squarely focused on sustainability and luxury.  The EV goes on forever

China Banking on Nuclear Fusion Power Generation

China Investing and Building a "Star in a Jar" Source:  China's Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Hefei, China China Targets 2040 for Nuclear Fusion Power Generation Nuclear fusion power generation is a source of clean, renewable energy.  The nuclear fusion of hydrogen into the heavier element helium is how the sun and stars have remained burning for billions of years.  That's why a nuclear fusion reactor is called a "star in a jar".  It is a powerful source of energy but with many technological barriers yet to be overcome. News now that China is funding and constructing their own star in a jar to generate clean electricity by around 2040. Artificial Sun China calls their Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak Reactor (East) the "Artificial Sun".  It's located in Hefei, Anhui province, China.  They are developing their experimental reactor to start generating electricity and commercializing it by 2040. China is a Leader in Renewable

Norway Plans All Electric Flights

Revolutionizing the Airline Industry Source:  Zunum Aero Electric Passenger Planes to Take-Off in Norway By 2040, Norway is committed to having all of its short-haul flights, from its airports, on electric aircraft.  This is one of the most dramatic government examples of cutting down on carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas emissions from the airline industry. Booming Industry - 100+ Global Projects Currently small planes comprise the electric aircraft market.  There are no airliner sized electric planes being built.  But Norwegian government and aviation industry officials believe that will soon change.  Boeing, NASA and Airbus are diligently working on prototype designs.  Boeing's Zunum Aero has plans for a 12-seater by 2022 and a 50-seater by 2027.  There are more than 100 electric powered aircraft projects currently around the world. Norway's Plans Norway's terrain is mountainous and there are many offshore islands. There are many airports because in many cases