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What Would a Lexus Look Like in 2040?

  New Partnership Between Lexus & The Royal College of Art                                                                                           Source:  Lexus Stunning New Lexus Designs Lexus has formed a new partnership with the prestigious Royal College of Art.  Lexus has asked graduate students in design to envision and design luxury Lexus for the year 2040.  The designs address a future world of mobility, new lifestyles, sustainability and how new technologies might impact the Lexus brand. The grad students were also tasked with creating new ways to meet future travel challenges in Europe.  The results are spectacular and highly innovative new Lexus vehicle concepts.  Lexus has recently selected six finalists in their design competition.  Here's a look at several particularly fascinating ones. The Alto                                                                      Source:  Lexus - The Alto The Alto by grad student Richard Newman is a VTOL or vertical takeoff and