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New World Record For Fastest E-Car

  Rimac's Nevera Clocks at 258 MPH                                                       Source:  Rimac World's Fastest Accelerating Production Car The Rimac Nevera all-electric car has been crowned the world's fastest e-car.  It is also the world's fastest accelerating production car.  Recently on a racetrack in Germany, the e-car hit 258 mph.  It's an all-electric hypercar that turns heads on the racetrack and as a grand tourer on the road for everyday commuting.  Additionally, it has stunning style and design.  It is the innovative creation of famous, 34-year-old, Croatian automaker Mate Rimac, who predicted in 2018 that he would deliver an all-electric hypercar capable of hitting the exact speed of 258 mph.  His successes are remarkable.  Tech Specs The automotive performance that it delivers is unprecedented.  The 2-door coupe has two electric motors that deliver 1,914 hp and 1, 740 lb-ft of torque to all 4 wheels.  It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.85 se