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Hot Solar Car Going into Production

  Aptera's Launch Edition with 3-Wheels Source:  Aptera  Long Range, Relatively Inexpensive & Revolutionary California-based startup Aptera is bringing into production a revolutionary, 3-wheel, solar-powered electric car with very long range and the potential, according to some automotive experts, to create a new industry.  Here are the pertinent facts: Aptera's solar-powered, 3-wheel EV, called Launch Edition, delivers 400 miles on a single charge with its initial, 42 kwh battery Some automotive experts believe this 3-wheel car is such an innovative breakthrough vehicle, that it will create a brand new automotive genre and industry Relatively inexpensive at $33,200 and is expected to attract young consumers and people on a limited budget as big buyers Claims to be the world's most efficient solar electric vehicle Equipped with DC fast charging that will roll-out at 40 to 60 kWh of DC fast charging and then a 100 kWh version Aptera is developing a 1,000 mile range versi