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New Car Drives on 3 Wheels

  Daymak Spiritus EV                                                                                     Source:  Daymak Unique, New Form of Travel  Toronto, Canada-based, electric vehicle developer Daymak has invented "the world's fastest three-wheeled electric car".  It's called the Daymak Spiritus and it introduces a new, three wheeled dimension to car travel.  Spiritus is a two-seater and it's the first EV in a lineup of six, highly innovative electric vehicles that Daymak will be rolling out.  The EVs include: Skirider - flying, high performance EV Aspero - enclosed, electric All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) Terra electric bike Foras - covered, recumbent electric bike Tectus - All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) electric scooter. The new Spiritus is being offered as two, distinct performance level models.  The Spiritus Ultimate contains highly advanced EV technologies and has a top speed of 130 mph.  The Spiritus Deluxe is much less expensive and can reach speeds of 85 mph. Tech