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Germany's Lilium's Revolutionary eVTOL

  Flying Taxi Has 30 Tilting Jet Fans To Fly                                             Source:  Lilium Radical New Aviation Technology At the recent Farmborough Air Show in the UK, Munich-based eVTOL startup Lilium unveiled its 6 passenger and 1 pilot new eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle).  The electric flying machine has 30 tilting jet fans to lift off, fly and land. It is revolutionary aviation technology that Lilium hopes to have European certification to fly commercially by 2025.  Lilium is collaborating with a global leader in aircraft systems and cabin design, Diehl Aviation to finalize the vehicle. Timeframe and Tech Specs Lilium is significantly accelerating the testing and development of the eVTOL.  The company has faced some criticism for slippage in its time frames.  5th generation eVTOL demonstrators are currently undergoing testing at Lilium facilities in Spain. The company is also working on next-generation battery technology systems to expand range