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Hologram Mummy at German Museum

Inside a Mummy via Holograms Hologram of  Mummy Ta-cheru Holgrams have been described as three dimensional images, formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light sources.  In a first, The Roman and Pelizaeus Museum in Germany currently has a  hologram exhibit on Ta-cheru, a 2500 year old mummy from Egypt. Ta-cheru was a female who once lived in the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. 3D Mummy Holograms Interestingly, the Museum has been able to create 3D holograms of the mummy that float in the air, which allows the visitor to view them from all sides.  Up until now, museum mummy exhibits have been mummies lying in glass cases. High Tech Museum Using high-resolution computer tomography, a digital cross section image was created, allowing the museum to display the mummy in 3D holograms.  Bottom-line:  the viewer gets a deep, real-life look inside of the mummy that seems real. Deep, Fresh Holographic Views The technology makes it possible to get