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Breakthrough for Wearable Electronics

New Alloy Enables Wearable Computing and Soft Robots Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a unique alloy that can be used for 3D printing of soft robots, stretchable electronics and wearable computing.  It also paves the way for 3D printing of tall, complicated structures. New, 3D Printable Material that's Self-Healing They put nickel nanoparticles into the liquid metal Galinstan which gave it a consistency perfect for 3D printing.  The new material has awesome properties:  good conductivity, low toxicity, inexpensive and self-healing.  It can attach back together at break points. Vision of Soft Robots Walking Out of Printers Liquid metal printing is integral to the flexible electronics field.  The properties contained in this new material enable the creation of a range of emerging technologies such as wearable sensor suits, electrically conductive textiles, wearable computers and soft robots.  In fact, the researchers say they're motivated by the vis