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Breakthru Sensor for Self-Driving Cars

German Tech Giant Bosch's Lidar Sensor Source:  Bosch Putting Autonomous Cars in the Fast Lane German tech giant Bosch has developed a sensor that enables autonomous cars to see a 3-dimensional view of the road as part of the autonomous system.  The company adds the lidar sensors are not expensive.  This technology breakthrough could accelerate the development and widespread use of self-driving cars.  Bosch believes this sensor could make mainstream cars self-driving a lot sooner than predicted. Sensor Sees Short & Long Distances, Providing 3D View of Highway Bosch says it will launch the lower cost lidar sensors and showcase the breakthrough technology at the annual CES in Las Vegas next week.  The sensors "see" both short and long range distances on the highway and work in tandem with camera and radar technologies.  Lidar uses light to generate a 3D view of the road.  Bosch is not providing timing on the actual launch date other than to say t