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4 E-Motors on Cybertruck - 1st Edition

  EV Can Drive Diagonally "Like a Crab"                                             Source:  Tesla World's Most Anticipated Truck Tesla's Cybertruck has been the world's most anticipated truck since it was first announced in 2019.  Now with the launch targeted for 2022, the latest, initial production version of the Cybertruck seems more awesome than ever.  CEO Elon Musk has decided to launch it as a 4-motor electric pickup truck version, not the one, two or three motor versions previously announced.  According to Musk, that will enable the 4-motor EV to drive "diagonally like a crab".   A Pickup That Turns Like a Tank The four motors will provide fast response torque, independently controlling each wheel.  The purpose is to better control the EV's four wheels' ability to traverse uneven and slippery terrain by sending power to each corner of the vehicle. Musk says the Cybertruck turns like a tank. Also, the new pickup won't have any door hand