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Embraer's Disruptive Green Planes' Tech

  4 New Breakthrough Green Flying Concepts                                                  Source: Embraer Sustainable Flying Takes Off Brazilian based aircraft manufacturer Embraer has introduced 4, low to zero emissions aircraft designs that it is calling "new disruptive green technologies" for sustainable flying.  The planes are small prop driven design concepts.  They are called the Energia line and offer four options with variable flying approaches. All 4 approaches offer very low to zero carbon emissions. Embraer says they are developing these planes as small models from 9 to 50 passengers.  But they add that the new planes can later be scaled up into much larger planes. Breakthrough Green Aviation Technology The new plane concepts include: The Energia Gas Turbine which can carry 50 passengers and is powered by hydrogen or sustainable aviation fuel. The Energia Hybrid which seats 9 passengers and has 2 rear mounted electric engines to take off and soar. A combustion  e