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Future of Electric Vehicles in Frankfurt

One of the Top Cars at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show Source:  Hyundai 45 Concept  The Future of Driving Electric The world's largest auto show, the Frankfurt Auto Show 2019, is showcasing the future of car travel, production ready electric cars and concept vehicles that point to future design.  A great glimpse into the future of electric vehicles is the Hyundai 45 Concept. The vehicle is getting a lot of attention as a new hot electric concept. Hyundai is headquartered in South Korea. Like a Diamond The vehicle is all electric and is shaped in silhouette like a diamond.  The doors slide and open wide.  Inside the cabin, there are chairs that swivel, making it easier to talk with your fellow passengers and get in and out of the vehicle.  It also has cube headlights.  Experts say this is an example of the innovative design direction that electric vehicles are headed.