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Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material

New Metamaterials that Change Shape in 4D May Redefine Robots, Aircraft, Medical Devices Rutgers University Breakthrough Materials Science Scientists at Rutgers University have invented new metamaterials that don't exist in nature.  The 4D printed materials are lightweight, flexible and can shift their shape and structure in response to temperature. The 4th dimension is time.  Experts think this may enable new generations of aircraft, soft robots and small medical devices.  For a great news blog with  more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material : 4D Printed Metamaterial Changes Shape When Heated Source:  Rutgers University The 4th Dimension is Time - Breakthrough Materials Scie...

Your 4D Goggles, New Video Experience

4D Videos thru 4D Goggles University of California researchers have created 4D goggles that have the ability to make entertainment content 4-dimensional.  Meaning, more immersive through multi-sensory experience. UC San Diego Discovery UC San Diego neuroscientists developed 4D goggles. They can be synchronized with entertainment content like movies, music, games and virtual reality to greatly enhance the experience.  They bring immersive, multisensory effects near to the face to deliver the feeling of really being there. Ongoing Research This is fascinating research.  The 4D goggles allow viewers to feel, during a movie, a slight touch when an object like a spacecraft is approaching. To do this with the 4D goggles, the neuroscientists mapped brain areas that integrate the sight and touch of a looming object.  That aided their understanding of the perceptual and neural mechanisms of multisensory integration and how more than a dozen brain areas were found to respond more stron