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Hyundai's 2 Walking Cars Go To Production

Two 4x4 Vehicles Equipped With Wheels to Drive and Robotic Legs to Walk & Climb                                                       Source:  Hyundai Ultimate Mobility Vehicles that Could Be Hotter Than the Cybertruck South Korean automotive giant Hyundai is putting into production two 4x4 vehicles with robotic legs.  They are quite literally walking cars.  One vehicle is called the Elevate. It is being tested and developed by Hyundai in their new facility called New Horizon Studio at the Montana State University Innovation Campus.  Hyundais' New Horizon Studio is also developing and producing a second vehicle, the autonomous TIGER with robotic legs.  This is a major initiative by Hyundai, which intends to invest $20 million and employ 50 people at the Studio to develop "Ultimate Mobility Vehicles". Breakthrough Technologies in Elevate The Elevate is an all-terrain vehicle that is virtually unstoppable.  It can drive on its wheels and walk through or climb over tough