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New Enchanting Children's Fiction

"How Dare You" by journalist Edward Kane Adventure Story with Life Lessons This new work of fiction for kids by my fellow journalist & brother Ed Kane is magical, instructional and educational.  "How Dare You" is 5-star rated on Amazon and showcases a young girl facing a very common but difficult problem for kids.....moving to a new neighborhood, starting at a new school and having no friends.  In fact, not knowing anyone there and feeling very lonely. It's a tough and difficult situation for any child to face. Running and Winning at Life The story takes young readers, listeners (audiobook also) and their parents on a magical adventure to a life changing solution.  Through cross country running, the heroine Cordy experiences an enchanted forest of fireflies that comes alive and adventures that win friends, teach teamwork and reveal the goodness sometimes hidden in others.  Along the running route of Cordy's young life, her dog Bash is always the