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Text by Thinking - Next Big Thing

2020 Revolutionary Communications Tech  If you are fascinated by futuristic forecasts about the next big thing in communications, some experts think it's "Virtual Telepathy", particularly texting by thinking.  For the past couple of decades, a new cell wireless standard has been adopted.  Here's some futuristic thinking for  2020+.  Full-powered, large scale deployment of 5G providing a major leap forward in full coverage, speed, power and function.  That would include "Virtual Telepathy" - your thoughts are texting.  Highly Advanced Glasses and Visors with Displays to Text by Thinking Texting by thinking would be achieved by eye tracking technology and a mounted sensor. High end applications would be done by glasses or visors with displays built into the lenses. Some futurists say that will create the start of "virtual telepathy". It would be hands free texting and that would revolutionize communications. 5G Standard Full Blown w