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Mercedes Top Efficiency EV EQXX

  Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept Source: Mercedes EQXX Teasers New Top Efficiency EV to be Unveiled in 2022 Mercedes Benz says it has developed its most efficient electric vehicle yet in its Vision EQXX concept. The new Electric Vehicle (EV) is a coupe-like sedan that gets 621 miles on a charge.  The vehicle is so efficient that at highway speeds it consumes just one kWh of energy every 62 miles that it is driven.  The range on the EQXX is about 100 miles longer than that of the previous record holder.  The Lucid Air Dream EV gets 520 miles on a charge. Mercedes Targets Efficiency Mercedes deployed a cross-company, interdisciplinary team to develop the EQXX.  MB's Formula One powertrain division was part of the effort.  The Stuttgart, Germany luxury automaker is targeting longer range and greater efficiency in its new EVs, starting with the EQS sedan which uses battery cells from China's CATL.  The new EQS gets 350 miles in range on a charge.  Mercedes says the Vision EQXX has ba