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New Jumbo Jet Using 70% Less Fuel

  Tri-Wing, Greener Flying                                                                           Source:  SE Aeronautics SE Aeronautics SE200 Aircraft jet fuel emissions are among the top contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions and Climate change.  Now, from Alabama-based SE Aeronautics comes a tri-wing jumbo jet prototype, the SE 200, that cuts jet fuel consumption by 70% and reduces CO2 emissions by 80%.  The design and performance of this green flying prototype are radically different from other aircraft now in use. Super Efficient Passenger Jet The SE 200 is an ultra wide plane capable of carrying more than 264 passengers.  It is a tri-wing design with a double tail fin and two engines mounted on the rear of the plane.  It flies at subsonic speeds with a top speed of Mach .90 or 690 mph.  The projected range of the aircraft is 10,560 miles.  SE Aeronautics calls it a super efficient passenger jet.  The aircraft has a great deal of versatility.  It is capable of use in s