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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  D A ILY INNOVATION BRIEF                By Journalists Edward Kane & Marya nne Kane  RESURRECTING THE FROZEN DEAD                                                               Source:  PLOS GENETICS & Stock In the summer of 2023, a study published in the journal PLOS Genetics documented that Russian scientists were able to revive 46,000-year-old frozen, extinct roundworms and bring them "back to life" from their very long-term dormant state in the deep snows of Siberia This raises the possibility of reviving frozen humans and introducing them into modern life Here’s what we know: There are hundreds of frozen corpses in labs and many more in frigid zones around the world A Russian cryonics expert thinks we are within 50-70 years of being able to revive frozen humans The ancient roundworms had a characteristic called anabiosis which is a dormant state they went into shutting down their bodily processes to enable them to survive in the harsh Siberian temp eratures This