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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

   D A ILY INNOVATION BRIEF                By Journalists Edward Kane & Marya nne Kane  SMART ePANTS SPY WEAR                                             Source:  DARPA & MIT The US Department of Defense is investing millions of dollars into surveillance underwear, socks and other wearable tech garments Here's what we know: The US National Intelligence has just announced it's launching a program that aims to make performance grade computerized clothing It's developing clothing that can record audio, videotape and geolocate data It's called the SMART ePANTS program or Smart Electrically Powered and Networked Textile System The Pentagon's DARPA along with MIT are part of this highly innovative effort Garments are being fitted with sensors, cameras & mikes Garments are composed of smart, computerized textiles that turn the clothing into surveillance tech The clothing's tech is not visible  The tech is powered by harvesting energy from the wearer's b