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1st AI Transatlantic Ship Voyage - Mayflower

World First: Mayflower Autonomous Ship's Transatlantic Crossing                                             Source:  IBM & ProMare UK to Nova Scotia With No Humans Onboard In an historic world first, the new Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) this summer crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia captained solely by artificial intelligence.  The journey marks the world's first, fully autonomous transatlantic voyage.  This is a technological marvel by a robotic autonomous vessel 400 years after the Pilgrims set sail for America and established the Plymouth Colony. The planned destination was Plymouth, MA but the MAS encountered a defective generator starter charging circuit and anchored safety in Halifax for repairs, after completing a 3,500-mile, 40-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  Its final destination will be Washington, DC. MAS' Technologies The 50-foot-long trimaran crossed the Atlantic with no humans on board.  It is the creation of ma