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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

D A ILY INNOVATION BRIEF   By Journalists Edward  Kane & Marya nne Kane US CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE USING 1st AI CALLER Source:  Stock In what's being called a world 1st, a democratic candidate for a Pennsylvania's congressional seat is using an AI Chatbot as a campaign volunteer.  Here are some key facts: Congressional candidate Shamaine Daniels is using an interactive, generative AI chatbot in her campaign race to win PA's 10th district Congressional seat This is a first for any political campaign Called Ashley, the chatbot is fundraising and reaching out to voters The interactive AI provides her disclosure:  "My name is Ashley and I'm an artificial intelligence volunteer for Shamaine Daniels' run for Congress" AI Ashley answers questions about Daniels, who is an attorney and 3-time winner of a Harrisburg City Council seat The AI also answers questions about Daniels' policy positions and that of her opponent US Congressman Scott Perry Ashley was d