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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  D AILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                          By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane AI TURNING SKETCH OR PHOTO INTO ART                                                  Source:  Qualcomm Smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has unveiled a new AI tool that can turn a sketch or photo with text into a work of art The generative AI artwork is produced by Qualcomm's new product ControlNet that doesn't need the internet & doesn't upload the data to the Cloud, thereby keeping it private It creates the artwork in 12 seconds ControlNet is a 1.5 billion parameter image-to-image model that runs on an average smartphone Can generate artwork from text prompts, images or both simultaneously Delivers precise control over image generation by "conditioning" input image with input text directions on how it should be edited ControlNet is a class of generative AI algorithm known as language vis