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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

                  DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF By Journalists Maryanne Kane & Edward Kane BMW'S BIG HYDROGEN BET                                                                                Source:  BMW iX5 BMW has just launched its 1st 100 hydrogen-powered SUVs for demonstration and testing purposes in Germany Called the iX5, the vehicle contains Toyota hydrogen fuel cells, BMW iX hardware and a small 2.0 kWh battery The vehicles are being hand-built by BMW in Munich They are the result of decades of BMW research into hydrogen powertrains The HFCEV (hydrogen fuel cell EV) delivers 395 hp and a range of 310 miles, all while carrying 16 pounds of hydrogen fuel The hydrogen BMW's will be available for sale by 2030 Western Europe is currently building a network of hydrogen fueling stations for hydrogen powered trucks and cars, while in the US, only parts of California have hydrogen fueling stations operational BMW joins Toyota and Hyundai in developing hydrogen-powered vehicles fo