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AI Design for Apple Car - Gorgeous

  Spectacular AI Generated Design for the Apple Car                                                            Source:  John Mauriello Design Apple Sports Car With Aerodynamic Style and Elegance A brand new, artificial intelligence designed Apple concept car from independent creators is a work of automotive art.  Some automotive experts say this design, with its aerodynamic lines and smooth styling, could give Tesla EVs a run for their money.  The design was created by the AI artist studio Dall-E2 using artificial intelligence, at the request of San Francisco based industrial designer John Mauriello who utilizes new technologies as the basis of his creations.  The results are spectacular and deliver what you might expect an Apple car would look like.  Specific Parameters Mauriello specifically wanted the AI artist to design a minimalistic sports car shaped in the design style of Apple's former design chief Jony Ive, inspired by the MacBook and Magic Mouse and built from aluminum an