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Gorgeous AI Designed, 3D Printed Car

  Czinger's 21C Hypercar                                             Source:  Czinger Vehicles Perhaps the Start of an Automaking Revolution LA based Czinger Vehicles has built a spectacular, $2 million, carbon-fiber hypercar, the Czinger 21C.  The car's speed, power and performance are unprecedented.  And so are the design and manufacturing process.  The car was designed by Czinger's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and then totally 3D printed.  The new technologies could result in a revolutionary new approach to automaking.  The company says their systems are so precise and efficient that a team of 1,000 engineers could not have gotten even close to the results of the Czinger 21C. Tech Specs The Czinger 21C is one heck of a ride around the racetrack.  The $2 million car created by the system is nothing short of stellar.  It accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 1.9 seconds, packs 1,250 hp and claims top speeds of 253 mph.  To build the vehicle, Czinger invented a fixtur