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MIT AI Designs Robots

  MIT's RoboGrammar Program                                             Source:  Stock Image of AI                                                        Source:  MIT Designs Created by RoboGrammar AI Program For More Innovative & Efficient Robots MIT C-SAIL (Computer Science AI Lab) researchers have invented a remarkable AI program called RoboGrammar.  You tell RoboGrammar what task you want the robot to perform and what parts you have to create it.  The program provides an optimal design approach to create the robot.  The C-SAIL team believes RoboGrammar will result in more innovative and efficient robotic designs. Three Step Process The AI program goes through three steps before creating a customized design.  It needs a list of available parts and the specific task that the robot will perform.  For example, a customized design for a robot that can go up and down steps and traverse rugged terrains.  The third step, created by C-SAIL, is a set of constraints called the "g