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AI Learns from Experience Lke Humans

No Programming, AI Learns from Experience - Radical New Approach Researchers are developing a novel platform for artificial intelligence that can teach computers to learn like humans do.  The program is being developed by scientists at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  It's cognitive learning that is teaching computers to learn without specifically programming them to do it.  This is a very radical AI system and approach that's based on the human ability to learn from experience. Cloud Based System Built on 5 Centuries The scientists say this involves an entirely new platform for machine learning to teach computers to learn like we do.  They built a cloud-based platform based on their studying how education and understanding have evolved over the past 5 centuries.  This to help computers develop deductive reasoning. Goal - Smarter Machines to Help Humans Their goal is to teach machines to be smarter.  To do that they studied how humans learn over a lifetime.  C