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AI Beanie Shifts Soft to Safe

Smart Hat to Helmet When Needed Source:  ANTI Ordinary AI Beanie AI Shifts Hat from Soft to Helmet-Like Protection The company ANTI Ordinary says this hat is as safe as a helmet and you'll find it your most comfortable helmet ever. It's called the AI Beanie and has soft, Merino wool knitted lining and a moisture repellent acrylic outer layer.  What is between those two layers is the differentiator. Non-Newtonian Fluids - Not Your Ordinary Hat What is between the two layers is the company's proprietary blend of non-Newtonian fluids.  The fluid particles remain soft and flexible in slow motion and become much harder when impacted.  The inner layer of the hat becomes stiff enough to exceed safety standards while flexible enough to pack in a backpack and easily fit the contours of the head.  It's deliverable in October 2019, priced at $125.00 and seems targeted particularly at outdoor winter sports.