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Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs

RoboDogs on Duty with Package Deliveries Source:  ANYmal by ANYbotics ANYmal, the Swiss-German Autonomous, Robotic Delivery System, Wows at CES 2019 The future of food and package delivery has major robotic and autonomous components.  There's a new system that is a collaborative project between German automotive company Continental and Swiss robotics company ANYbotics that wowed CES 2019. Dogs Deliver It is a robodog ANYmal and its autonomous car CUbE that drive to your home and unpacks robodog. ANYmal goes up your stairs, rings the doorbell with its paw and leaves your package, taking off with a little high-5 for itself.  For a great news blog on this emerging robotic innovation go to Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs : ANYmal Delivery Robot Source:  ANYmal Delivery Robot Robots Delivering It's a 4 legged delivery robot that can walk packages ri...