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Augmented Reality Booms by 2025

Trillion Dollar Industry By 2025, Augmented Reality technology will be a $trillion industry.  And it will impact a slew of economic sectors. Augmented reality is a view of the real world in which elements are augmented by computer generated sensory, like sound, graphics and video.  Here's the revenue forecast put together for Lumus, a maker of optical displays for AR, by nowsourcing.  The dollars reflect the amount of AR tech that will be sold for use in each industry in 2025. 2025 AR Revenue Forecast Video Games  $11.6 billion Health Care $5.1 billion Engineering $4.7 billion Live Events $4.1 billion Travel $4.1 billion Video Entertainment $3.2 billion Real Estate $2.6 billion Military $1.6 billion Retail - $1.6 billion The list goes on.  Augmented Reality is a disruptive technology that will change business as usual and generate tremendous revenues.  Clearly video games dominate the market.  But the tech is going way beyond that.