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AI that Pushes Limits of Science

DARPA's AI Exploration Program The Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA is aiming for an artificial intelligence & machine learning system that enables scientists and researchers to push the limits of science. Full Speed to Beat Global Competitors This DARPA push is on full speed.  They want to establish the feasibility of new AI concepts within 18 months.  The goal is to outpace AI scientific and technology discovery efforts globally. The program is called ASKE or Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction. Fundamentals of Superpowered AI DARPA wants an AI system that rapidly aggregates scientific data and automatically identifies new data.  The system should automatically verify published scientific results and monitor in real time "fragile economic, political, social and environmental systems undergoing complex events."  The info will be integrated into a machine-curated model that generates top of the line hypotheses.  All to driv