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UK Space Internet Co. Readies for Blastoff

OneWeb Speeds Up Plans for Global High Speed Broadband Network Source:  OneWeb Bringing Mobile to the World The UK based, space internet company OneWeb has just secured an additional $1.25 billion in funding, bringing the total to $3.4B.  That enables it to accelerate plans for a global, high speed broadband network.  They say, they'll have the network launched in 2021.  They've already launched six satellite for service.  By the end of 2019 they'll be launching 30 satellites per month.  For global internet coverage, they'll need a network of at least 650 satellites. And, as the internet of things expands, that number could triple. Crowded Space OneWeb isn't alone in its goal to deliver global internet coverage.  Elon Musk's Space X is racing to do the same thing.  OneWeb has big pocket investors including Japan's tech giant SoftBank, Virgin Group and Coca-Cola.  The company is also launching low cost, mini satellites to bring mobile to the wo

Robot Insect Spies

Ambitious US Government Robotic Program Source:  DARPA HI-MENS Robotic Program Spying Insec ts You might call them Cyborg Insect Spies.  The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has a novel, science fiction like robotic research program underway.  It's called the HI-MEMS program. Insect Controlled in Flight by Implants Scientists have explored using a variety of insects as part of the program.  They have put implants on flying moths and beetles.  Using the implants, researchers are able to stimulate insect brains and actually control them in flight. End Game The potential use of these robotic insects is fascinating.  The goal is to deploy them on missions in the field to gain access to areas not reachable by traditional robots and humans.  This is an important scientific research program that DARPA is actively pursuing.

DARPA's Spiderman

Z-Man Climbing System Z-Man Scaling Walls DARPA calls it the Z-Man program and it's developing advanced technology for the military to scale structures vertically just like Spiderman.  Scientists are creating biologically inspired climbing tools to enable warfighters to climb vertical walls, while carrying a full combat load, without any ropes or ladders.  It's a program inspired by nature that's designed to save precious time and lives.  This technology would also prove invaluable in other circumstances such as for first responders and firefighters. Climb like a Spider Small animals. spiders and geckos inspired this advanced research program.  They scale vertical surfaces using unique bio-complex systems.  Specifically strong reversible adhesion or "hook into surface asperities".  Z-man is building synthetic versions of these biological systems for humans as novel climbing aides. Climb Every Mountain Geckoskin has been developed.  It's a stiff fabr