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UK's New Hydrogen Plane Concept

  Fly Zero H2-Plane                                                  Source:  ATI FlyZero New Zero Emissions Way to Fly The United Kingdom's Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) is world famous for aviation innovation. Along with funding from the UK government and aviation partners like Airbus and Rolls Royce, ATI has developed a zero-emissions plane concept designed to fly on liquid hydrogen.  Not only that.  It is designed to fly halfway around the world on liquid hydrogen without any refueling which amounts  to 6,037 miles.  This is the new Fly Zero concept plane and it is a look at the future of zero emissions flying.  It is part of a new world of flying with no pollution spewing into the atmosphere.  Early Look at the Tech The concept is a midsized aircraft powered totally by liquid hydrogen that can carry 279 passengers, nonstop from London to San Francisco or elsewhere for up to 6,037 miles. The new plane has a 177-foot wingspan with two turbofan engines powered by hydrogen.