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World 1st's E-Flying Racecar

Tech Transferable to Consumer Flying Cars                                              Source:  Airspeeder MK4 Airspeeder MK 4 Is Ready to Race  The world's first electric flying racecar has been unveiled by Alauda Aeronautics of Australia.  It's called the Airspeeder MK4.  The flying racecar is an eVTOL or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. Alauda says it is ready to race.  Airspeeder is full sized and its design was inspired by F1 racing cars.  Ten more e- flying racecars are being built to compete in the world's first races in the skies.  The racing competitions are designed to generate the development of new technologies that will transfer into future, flying passenger vehicles and highly advanced forms of aerial mobility. Tech Specs Airspeeder has top speeds of 75 mph and can accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 2.3 seconds.  It is composed of carbon fiber composite technologies to keep it lightweight and provide better speed and safety.  Alauda says the new v